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The Basics of Senior Pet Care


Elderly PetAs our pets age, their needs change and they may have different health issues.  There are special care instructions and special considerations that need to be addressed in an aging older pet, at Green Mountain Veterinary Hospital we love our “senior” pets just as we do our new arrivals.  We are here to help support your pet of all ages.


What is Special about Senior Pet Care?

As pets age, they could need specialized care for a variety of different reasons.  They could be losing their sight, have added weight, achy joints or dental issues.  A senior pet may require more visits, special medication to help with joint pain, and even specialized food.  Some of the common senior related illnesses are: decreased musculoskeletal and nerve, renal, endocrine, loss of vision, gastrointestinal, heart disease, and even cancer.  Extra blood tests, x rays, ultrasound, and dental care are used to screen for age related issues.


Caring for a Senior Pet

With aging pets, sometimes you may need to adjust your home.  To ensure your pet can get to food and water with ease.  They also need a safe, accessible place to sleep.  It is important with older pets, that they have regular routine veterinary care.  Senior pets will need some extra attention and can often not tolerate changes in temperatures and in foods.  Care should always be taken whenever you are changing or introducing something new to any pet. But extra care is needed with our senior furry friends.


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Green Mountain Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure your senior pet is receiving the best care possible as they approach their golden years.  Please contact us today to schedule your visit.